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We were one, the three people were sharing the same feelings. When the two representatives of the Hanyang university’s weekly newspaper asked me, “Why did you set up this camp?”; I said, “To help those people who are poor, weak and helpless“; i saw into the eyes of the two representatives (a guy and a girl) one by one and  it was the moment when we three people were sharing the same feelings of grief and sympathy for all those unlucky people affected very badly by the worst ever floods in Pakistan.It was Friday, the last day of a 3-day donation collecting camp which we set up at the Hanyang university in South Korea to collect donations for the flood victims in Pakistan. I was one of the volunteers working for this great cause.

Though it was not easy at start to set up such a camp but when the intentions are sincere and strong, nothing can hinder  your way; so we set up the camp with the coordination of the university administration, the students union and the volunteers (Korean and Pakistani students). We collected enough money for the flood victims.

It was a wonderful experience for me. During these three days, dozens of students and professors shared their oneness with me. I felt connected with every one who came to the camp, donated money and wrote messages to the flood affected people. The students would come and would offer their volunteer intentions to help in collecting the donations. It was then when we all would feel as one – tightly connected with one another and with all those flood victims whom we don’t know, but whose sorrows and troubles do we share.

It was the first time in my life when everyone would appreciate me and my friends. I felt so good. People who passed by our camp would throw a smiley look – full of appreciation and the shared feelings of being connected.

I was convinced in these three days that the world, we live in, is not that bad as we often talk of it. There are still lot of people who want to feel the troubles of others and help them in heeling their sorrows. By and large, everyone wants to be connected with all human beings on our small planet. But  sometimes we are very wrong in making our minds about all  collective people based on our tiny bad experiences- with few people- occur at some unlucky moments of time.


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After a long process of crucial thinking and having survey about  my future career, i took the decision to go for MS in Computer Engineering. Luckily I got a Pakistani government  scholarship and got admission at Hanyang University in South Korea. A new life in a different culture and with strange people(everything was strange for me that time) started when I arrived in South Korea.

It was August 26, 2009.  I had already some friends in the university where I got admission and truth be told,  they helped me a lot in settling down but still it took me some time  to got familiar with the new environment.

Now, when I am writing this post, I have been much more acquainted with the Korean people and their society. My first semester has been finished successfully and these days I have winter vacations. During this time I have come across many wonderful experiences and enjoyable trips, which I would share on my blog.

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