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A nomad who always follows his heart

Listens to no tone but his own beat

Far from the dwellings; moves on the aimless drive

Unaware of space and time

Ignorant to all accords of refinement

In the noon of June(summer) burning and ardent

Without any belongings

His lips dried owing to extreme thirst

His face seems downhearted

Hair are scattered

He is alone on the long silent road

The day is humid, sunny and hot

He speeds up his pace but

No signs of habitation, human, shade and water

Hawks are fluttering in the air

He thirsty, tired and powerless

Falls under the tree standing there at the road’s side

Lonely, heir less and leafless

Life is loosing its being in search of nature……..

Right above the leafless tree

In the wide blue sky’s atmosphere

A small nomadic piece of clouds quavers

Departed from its caravan

It is smiling at its desultory liveliness…….

Nature vibrates……..

The small piece of clouds

To all other shades, it shouts

To conjoin it asks everyone

All other nomadic cloud shades join one by one

Together they all roar and dance in a flow

Tree comes under their shadow

Starts blowing a wind cool and pleasing

Follows by a rain continuous and strong

The rain drops touch the lips of nomad

Slowly comes back the life

He opens his eyes behindhand

And starts dancing in the rain

Life arises

Nature disguises

The play of hide and seek continues……


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زندگی اورفطرت کا رشتہ

ایک  من چلا  خانہ بدوش

اپنے ہی دُھن میں مد ہوش

آبادیوں سے دُور

بےمنزل راستوں پہ

زماںومکاں کی قید سے بھیگا نہ

تہذیب کے سب بندھنوں سے نآشنا

جُون کی تپتی دوپہر میں


پیاس کی شدت سے ہونٹ خُشک لئے

چہرہ مُرجھایاہُوا

بال بکھرےہوے

وُہ اکیلا اوردُوردُورتک لمبی سُنسان سڑک

دُھوپ ، گرمی ، حَبس

قدم تیز ہوجاتے ہیں،لیکن

حدِ نگاہ تک آبادی،انسان،سایہ،پانی کا وجودنہیں ہے

ہَوا میں چیل منڈھلا رہےہیں

پیاس ، تھکاوٹ ، کمزوری

ؤہ سڑک کے کنارے

اکیلے ، لاوارث ، بے برگ درخت تلے

نڈھال ہو کر جا گرتا ہے

…………زندگی فطرت کی تلاش میں اپنا وجود کھو رہی ہے


ننگے درخت کے عین اُوپر

نیلے آسماں کی وسعتوں میں

اپنے قافلے سے بھٹکا ہُوا

بادل کا ایک آوارہ ٹکڑا

………اپنے بےمعنی وجود پہ مسکرا رہا ہے


…….فطرت حرکت میں آتی ہے


بادل کا ننھا ٹکڑا

دوسرے ٹکڑوں کو آواز دیتا ہے

چیختا ہے، چلاتا ہے، سب کوبلاتا ہے

ایک ایک کر کے سب آوارہ ٹکڑے آکر ملتے ہیں

سب ساتھہ جھومتے ہیں،گرجتے ہیں

درخت کے اُوپر سایہ آتا ہے

ٹھنڈی ہَوا چلنے لگتی ہے

گھن گرج کے بارش برستی ہے

پانی کی بُوندیں خانہ بدوش کےہونٹوں کوچومتی ہیں

زندگی آہستہ آہستہ پھر لوٹ آتی ہے

وہ آنکھیں کھولتاہے

اور خوشی سے برستی بارش میں جُھومنے لگتا ہے

زندگی جاگ اُٹھتی ہے

فطرت چھپ جاتی ہے

آنکھہ مچولی کا کھیل جاری رہتا ہے

Ek man chala khana badosh

Apne hi dhun main madhosh

Abadiyon se dur

Bay manzal raaston pe

Zamaan wa makaan ki qaid se bhegana

Tehzeeb k sub bandhano se na ashna

June ki tapti dopahr main

Bay sar wa samaan

Piyaas ki shidat se hont khushk liye

Chehra murjhaya hua

Baal bikhray hue

Wo akela aor dur dur lambi sunsaan sarak

Dhoop, garmi, habs

Qadam tez ho jathe hain laikin

Had e nigaah tak abaadi, insaan, saya, pani ka wajud nahi hai

Piyas, thakawat, kamzori

Wo sarak k kinaray

Akale, lawaris, bay berg drakht talay

Nidhaal ho ker ja girtha hai

Zindagi fitrat ki talash main apna wajud kho rahi hai….

Nange drakht k aen oper

Neele asman ki wusaton main

Apne qafle bhatka hua

Baadal ka ek awara tukra

Apnay bay maani wajud pe muskra raha hai……

Fitrat herkat main athi hai….

Badal ka nanha tukra

Dusre tukron ko awaz detha hai

Cheekhta hai, chilata hai, sub ko bulata hai

Ek ek ker k sub awara tukre aker milthe hain

Sub sath jhoomte hain, garajte hain

Drakht k oper saya ata hai

Thandi hawa chalni lagti hai

Ghan garaj k baarish barasti hai

Pani ki boonden khana badosh k honton ko choomti hain

Zindagi ahista ahista phir lot ati hai

Wo ankhen khilta hai

Aor khushi se barasti barish main jhoomne lagta hai

Zindagi jaag uthti hai

Fitrat chup jaati hai

Ankh macholi ka khel jari rehta hai

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1) Be light and be happy.

2) The more you feel regrets, the more you become coward.

3) Your friends fall in love with you when you tell them how big looser you are; and are jealous of you when you tell them how successful you are.

4) Religion brings hope of future and diminishes fear of unseen.

5) Everyone thinks at some point of time  that he/she is very different than other human beings.

6) Jealousy makes one’s mind dull and blind.

7) Jealousy invites stupidity.

8 ) Forgiveness is the strongest foundation of tolerance.

9) Good memories, a good book, a good movie and a good blog help you a lot when you are depressed or angry.

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It was 8:00 p.m. or  9:00 p.m. I don’t exactly remember the time but it was the start of a night – the nights would start this time for me back then – neither i remember the day and the date but perhaps it was a normal  and comfortable night in the winter of late 80’s or early 90’s.  I was lying on a combined bed with my younger brother in the oldest and biggest room of my grandfather. The walls of the room were  made entirely of mud and its roof was made of wood and grass; the roof had  turned black due to the continuous smokes of  fireplace in the room over the years.The old dusty lantern was spreading its small, dusty, calm and fading light around the corner where it was hanging against the wall near the fireplace; the rest of the room was almost dark.  My grandfather and my parents, sitting around the fireplace in a corner, were taking green tea. They were drawling very slowly with a  long and a bit loud sounds of  sips of the green tea. It was raining outside. The soothing sound of the rain drops, against the roof, was dominating the drowsy talks and the long and loud sips in the room. I can never forget that sound of rain. It still echoes in my mind.

It is 8:00 p.m , the 10th of September in 2010. I am sitting in my room of dormitory. It’s raining outside and the rain drops are making a sweet sound against the outside shade of my window. I am taking a cup of green tea. I am intentionally making long and loud sips. My computer is playing a melodious song ,very slowly.

Today is our thanksgiving, the Eid. I am far away from my siblings and my parents. My grandfather is no more in this world. Right this moment, i am all around with my childhood memories………

I am thinking of the present rain and then the rain before this rain and then the rain before that and so on….

I am tracking back and back in the past to figure out how many rains do I remember…..

I am going back and back , and the earliest rain that echoes in my mind is……….It was 8:00 p.m. or  9:00 p.m. I don’t exactly remember the time but it was the start of a night – the nights would start this time for me back then – neither i remember the day and the date but perhaps it was a normal and comfortable night in the winter of late 80’s or early 90’s……

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We were one, the three people were sharing the same feelings. When the two representatives of the Hanyang university’s weekly newspaper asked me, “Why did you set up this camp?”; I said, “To help those people who are poor, weak and helpless“; i saw into the eyes of the two representatives (a guy and a girl) one by one and  it was the moment when we three people were sharing the same feelings of grief and sympathy for all those unlucky people affected very badly by the worst ever floods in Pakistan.It was Friday, the last day of a 3-day donation collecting camp which we set up at the Hanyang university in South Korea to collect donations for the flood victims in Pakistan. I was one of the volunteers working for this great cause.

Though it was not easy at start to set up such a camp but when the intentions are sincere and strong, nothing can hinder  your way; so we set up the camp with the coordination of the university administration, the students union and the volunteers (Korean and Pakistani students). We collected enough money for the flood victims.

It was a wonderful experience for me. During these three days, dozens of students and professors shared their oneness with me. I felt connected with every one who came to the camp, donated money and wrote messages to the flood affected people. The students would come and would offer their volunteer intentions to help in collecting the donations. It was then when we all would feel as one – tightly connected with one another and with all those flood victims whom we don’t know, but whose sorrows and troubles do we share.

It was the first time in my life when everyone would appreciate me and my friends. I felt so good. People who passed by our camp would throw a smiley look – full of appreciation and the shared feelings of being connected.

I was convinced in these three days that the world, we live in, is not that bad as we often talk of it. There are still lot of people who want to feel the troubles of others and help them in heeling their sorrows. By and large, everyone wants to be connected with all human beings on our small planet. But  sometimes we are very wrong in making our minds about all  collective people based on our tiny bad experiences- with few people- occur at some unlucky moments of time.

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