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A nomad who always follows his heart

Listens to no tone but his own beat

Far from the dwellings; moves on the aimless drive

Unaware of space and time

Ignorant to all accords of refinement

In the noon of June(summer) burning and ardent

Without any belongings

His lips dried owing to extreme thirst

His face seems downhearted

Hair are scattered

He is alone on the long silent road

The day is humid, sunny and hot

He speeds up his pace but

No signs of habitation, human, shade and water

Hawks are fluttering in the air

He thirsty, tired and powerless

Falls under the tree standing there at the road’s side

Lonely, heir less and leafless

Life is loosing its being in search of nature……..

Right above the leafless tree

In the wide blue sky’s atmosphere

A small nomadic piece of clouds quavers

Departed from its caravan

It is smiling at its desultory liveliness…….

Nature vibrates……..

The small piece of clouds

To all other shades, it shouts

To conjoin it asks everyone

All other nomadic cloud shades join one by one

Together they all roar and dance in a flow

Tree comes under their shadow

Starts blowing a wind cool and pleasing

Follows by a rain continuous and strong

The rain drops touch the lips of nomad

Slowly comes back the life

He opens his eyes behindhand

And starts dancing in the rain

Life arises

Nature disguises

The play of hide and seek continues……


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